Student life and communities

Student life and especially the student organisation culture is exceptionally rich and diverse in Finland.
Students and student life

Student life and especially the student organisation culture is exceptionally rich and diverse in Finland. Also at the University of Helsinki, more than 250 student organisations operate within the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY), ranging from faculty and subject organisations to political and societal organisations, and from choirs and orchestras to sports and game clubs. Their activities include anniversary celebrations, academic dinner parties, cultural events, get-togethers and excursions.

As a student and member of the Student Union (HYY), you are entitled to many benefits and services. For example, affordable student housinglow-cost sports services and student-priced meals. You also get numerous discounts, for example on public transport fees across the country. 

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Student organisations and communities
Get to know the OSA, Changing Education’s student organization

OSA (One Step Ahead ry) is an organization by and for Changing Education (CE) students established in 2021 by the first CE student cohort. OSA is the first English-speaking student organization at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki (UH) and was founded to create a space for international students and experts interested in research-based improvement of education.

The CE community is vibrant, diverse, driven, and inquisitive. OSA is how we express ourselves and affect real changes both in our program and in our wider world. Through the CE program, you and your classmates will get inspired to take on issues, and OSA works to help you do it. OSA and CE are both new, and they inform and shape each other – OSA has even designed and instituted new courses into the curriculum! In 2021, OSA set a great example for the whole UH by organizing an antiracism lecture and workshops at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, which, through OSA’s active advocacy work, led to a compulsory Antiracism in education course being included in the CE curriculum.

OSA continues to have several ongoing activities providing chances to tackle thorny problems in education together, to get into direct conversation with decision makes from around Finland and the world, creating more inclusive and anti-racist spaces at UH, plus a full calendar of social events!

Any student at the Faculty of Educational Sciences is welcome to join OSA and we warmly welcome students from various backgrounds and interests. For example, the 2023 board represents 8 countries, 10 languages, and a wide variety of interests in changing education.

We can’t wait to see what we’ll create together!