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Jenni Jaakkola Fazer

Jenni Jaakkola, senior manager of supply chain development at Fazer Mills, has always been interested in wellbeing and nutrition. “These topics led me to the food industry,” says Jaakkola of why she studied at Viikki.

Jaakkola studied food sciences, majoring in cereal technology. “My favourite thing about my studies was that they were so diverse and practical. For example, we got to do group projects where we would design and manufacture different kinds of food products,” she remembers.

Later studies can provide direction

At the beginning of her studies, Jaakkola did not have a specific profession in mind. As her studies progressed, she found that she was becoming increasingly interested in the manufacture and development of food products. “I began to be more interested in a career in food production and product development than one in academia.”

It says something about Jaakkola’s determined career planning and intense interest in the field that she began working in product development at Fazer Mills before her graduation. She also wrote her master’s thesis for the same employer, after which she happened to land a temporary job when a production manager went on maternity leave.

Diverse duties

As senior manager of supply chain development at Fazer Mills, Jenni Jaakkola is in charge of production together with supervisors and works in close cooperation with quality control and sales.  “I don’t really have a typical work day. My days consist of many different duties.”

Studies in cereal technology were good preparation for Jaakkola’s current position. “They’ve helped me understand materials and processes. My studies in food economics have also been very useful,” Jaakkola explains. In addition, her job requires good communication skills and the ability to prioritise.

Finally, Jaakkola gives some good tips for job seekers: “Contact the key people in companies you’re interested in, for example, alumni from your field. Networking and participating in various events are also a good idea.”