Using our core facilities

Partners can take advantage of the University of Helsinki’s internationally significant research infrastructures. The research infrastructures of the University’s international networks are also available to its partners. Browse the available research infrastructures by discipline or search infrastructures by keyword in the University of Helsinki research portal.  

Use of the University’s infrastructures is based on a contract. You will receive the greatest benefits by working with the University. Our researchers and experts will help you use the research infrastructures, whether to plan and carry out experiments or to analyse results. The research infrastructures are familiar to the University’s experts, who can help you find the infrastructures best suited for your research project.

The research portal lists all research infrastructures. Contact the faculties and units directly to find out about opportunities offered by the University’s research infrastructures (e.g., the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, Accelerator Laboratory, tomography laboratory etc). The owner of each infrastructure is indicated in the research portal.