How research cooperation works

The University’s 11 faculties and other research-oriented units offer a near-limitless array of cooperation opportunities for companies and communities. The best way to cooperate is always determined together, through dialogue. The University is available for commission research, cooperation projects and funding partnerships – or any appropriate combination of these. Find out about ways to conduct research cooperation or contact the experts at Research Services.

The business sector, industry, organisations and public bodies can take advantage of the University of Helsinki’s resources and expertise by commissioning research. The University’s researchers are among the best in the world, and its research infrastructure is considerable.

In commissioned research, the results from a research project belong to the client, though the University may use the results for further research. Research results, their utilisation and ownership are always settled on a case-by-case basis before the project begins. The goal is to benefit both the client and the University.

In commissioned research, the University's services are priced according to the market, and only the commissioning company or community can use the results.

Cooperation projects are created to serve a common interest. Cooperation projects between the University and companies can also be eligible for public (third party) funding. The University of Helsinki experts can offer their experience to cooperation partners also, for instance by identifying potential co-funding opportunities, navigating through the application process and sharing the know-how of what is needed to put together a successful proposal. Examples of public funding opportunities include the European Union, Tekes and the Academy of Finland.

The University of Helsinki is also a seasoned partner in open innovation projects. Results which fall outside the partner company’s core business can be used through the University’s networks. The University and its partners can also offer a company the skills and competence it lacks. 

In cooperation projects, the evaluation and exploitation of research results is always settled on a case-by-case basis.

Cooperation begins with a discussion between the partner and the researcher or research group. This discussion aims to determine the partner’s research interest and to choose and customise the approach best suited for the project.

The approach depends largely on who can use the results of the cooperation project. If funding is applied for jointly, the partner and the University may use the results of the research cooperation after the project has ended.

The business collaboration team at Research Services helps to launch cooperation. We can find the best partnership opportunities for every need from among the over 1,500 researchers and research groups working at the University.

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