2023 Awards

The World Cultural Council and University of Helsinki have the honour of inviting you to the 38th WCC Award Ceremony at University of Helsinki. On this occasion, the prizes delivered will be the “Albert Einstein” World Award of Science and the “José Vasconcelos” World Award of Education. At the same event Special Recognitions will be bestowed on distinguished local scholars. Special lectures, including those by the laureates, will be given on November 2 and the award ceremony will take place on November 3. The special lectures will be held in Think Corner, The University of Helsinki's liv­ing room of science in the middle of Helsinki.

Since 1984 the World Cultural Council has recognized individuals who have made exceptional achievements in science, education, and the arts, with the final objective of promoting tolerance, peace and fraternity. The WCC seeks to encourage the use of science, art and education to further the well-being of humanity.

The prizes are given to individuals or teams whose work has had a significant and positive impact on the cultural legacy of mankind. The high level of the jury, comprised of world-renowned scholars and eminent individuals in the above fields, enhances the prestige of the awards.

The WCC annually organizes an Award Ceremony at which these recognitions are conferred. Each ceremony is held in a different country with a renowned university or academic institute acting as host. 

The WCC and University of Helsinki, which is one of the most dynamic universities in the Nordic region, are enthusiastic about expanding their partnership by celebrating this Award Ceremony which is exactly twenty years after their first jointly hosted event. It offers the opportunity to cooperate in disseminating their many shared values including 1) excellence as a guiding principle in research, higher education and innovation, 2) inspiring future generations by recognizing extraordinary individuals and achievements, 3) embracing a vision of diversity and mutual respect towards a better world, and 4) promoting a strong vision of sustainable practices and respect to the environment.

The University of Helsinki as an innovative institution offers an ideal venue for recognizing the outstanding achievements of the WCC’s laureates and celebrating the inspiration that they bring as role models for future generations.

The Albert Einstein World Award of Science

The Albert Einstein World Award of Science was created as a means of recognition and encouragement for scientific and technological research and development. It takes into special consideration research which has brought true benefit and wellbeing to mankind.

The winner of the award is elected by the Interdisciplinary Committee, which is composed of world renowned scientists, among them several Nobel laureates.

The prize consists of a diploma, a commemorative medal and an Award Cheque.

The José Vasconcelos World Award of Education

The José Vasconcelos World Award of Education is granted to a renowned educator, an authority in the field of teaching, or someone who has brought about visionary development in education policy. Through their work, the individual or team should have had a significantly positive influence on the quality and reach of teaching and learning in our society.

The qualifying jury is formed of several members of the Interdisciplinary Committee and a group of distinguished educators.

The World Award of Education grants a Diploma, a Commemorative medal, and an Award Cheque.