Summer school


13th Aalto University Summer School on Transportation (ASTRA) will be organized in collaboration with the NECTAR Conference (May 29 – June 4, 2019)

Objectives for Students:

  • Intensive learning about state-of-the-art from top experts from Finland and abroad

  • Bringing disciplinary gaps between various built environment and technology disciplines through exposure to non-conservative topics

  • Innovative and pragmatic undertone focused on challenge-basedlearning

  • Mixed international participation and networking

Summer School Setup

  • 40-50 participants, ranging from MSc to PhD students, post-docs, practitioners, to senior researchers all over the world, with a varying expertise, including engineering, planning, geography, architecture,sociology, political science, psychology, economics

  • Series of lectures centered on workshops, guided by local and international experts (see next slide for tentative schedule)

  • Group size 4-5 people, in total about 8-10 groups

More information will be updated...