Welcome to the 15th biannual NECTAR conference

The theme of this NECTAR conference is “Towards human scale cities – Open and happy”. As the share of urban population grows worldwide, there is a growing need to develop cities that are environmentally sustainable, functional and promoting well-being. The conference calls for presentations on advancements in the field of transport, communication and mobility. In this conference the particular focus will be on urban transportation and the new possibilities that open data and digital technologies provide for mobility solutions. For example, how transport policies have changed and what novel ways of organizing the daily mobility have emerged to make cities more sustainable and more pleasant - from the perspective of people.

Helsinki - a unique setting for the 2019 conference

Helsinki, located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, offers a unique and interesting setting for the 2019 NECTAR conference. It is the home for the busiest passenger harbor in Europe and major transportation hub between Europe and Asia. Furthermore, Helsinki is one of the fastest growing capital regions in Europe. The large infrastructure projects like the new metro line and the recently established bike-sharing system are changing daily mobility patterns of people. Simultaneously, new regional mobility flows emerge with the development of transnational Helsinki-Tallinn twin-city region. The city has also profiled itself as an open city: large amounts of open data about the region have been made available and the city of Helsinki is committed to open and transparent decision and policy making.


The Network on European Communications and Transport Activity Research (NECTAR) brings together researchers in the field of transport, communication and mobility from all European Countries and the rest of the world.