Call for papers

The theme of this NECTAR conference is “Towards human scale cities – Open and happy”

With the constant growth of urban population worldwide, there is an increasing need to develop cities that are environmentally and socially sustainable, functional and supporting well-being of their inhabitants. When striving towards these goals, transportation and mobility play a crucial role.  

The conference calls for presentations on advancements in the field of transport, communication and mobility. The focus of the conference will be on urban transportation and the new possibilities that open data and digital technologies provide for mobility solutions. For example, presentations may discuss how transport policies are and should be changing, present emerging ways of organizing the daily mobility to make cities more sustainable and more pleasant or present novel ways of analyzing transportation and mobility from the perspective of people.

We invite papers discussing on the following topics of interest:

  • Possibilities of open data and digital technologies for mobility solutions.
  • Novel data sources, analytical approaches and indicators
  • Open science and responsible governance
  • Urban transport, sustainability, well-being and happiness
  • Experiences and perceptions of people related to mobility and accessibility
  • Emerging mobility services and implications for inclusive mobility
  • Logistics and freight in human scale cities
  • Out of the box-thinking and inter- and cross-disciplinarity

In addition to these topics, we welcome papers on topics in fields of transport, communications and mobility at large. General topics of interest include transport and infrastructure evaluation, transport policy and environment, logistics and freight, tourism, recreation and leisure, housing and labour markets, accessibility analysis, social and health issues and ICT.

The different NECTAR clusters will also organize specific thematic sessions. Call for papers for these sessions will be posted here at the Conference website and the NECTAR website.

  • Cluster 1: Transport Infrastructure Impacts and Evaluation
  • Cluster 2: Policy and Environment
  • Cluster 3: Logistics and Freight
  • Cluster 4: Commuting, Migration and Labour Market
  • Cluster 5: Leisure, Recreation and Tourism
  • Cluster 6: Accessibility
  • Cluster 7: Social & Health Issues
  • Cluster 8: Information and Communication Technologies

Criteria for acceptance

Scope, scientific quality, NECTAR membership and the possibility to fit the presentation in a coherent conference session. Selected papers are invited to submit and extended abstract (1000 words) before April 30, which will be published on the NECTAR website

See important dates for submitting your papers to the conference [here

Deadline for abstract submission: January 21, 2019. Abstracts should be submitted electronically, using the form available on the Conference website: The link will be updated...