Keynote speakers

The ”Great White North”? Crit­ical Per­spect­ives on White­ness in the Nor­dics and its Neigh­bours
Nelson Maldonado-Torres

Nelson Maldonado-Torres is an Associate Professor at the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies, and the Comparative Literature Program at Rutgers University, New Jersey (US). His main research interests include comparative critical and decolonial theorising, theories of race and ethnicity, decolonial feminism, phenomenology, and social and political philosophy. Among his publications are Against War: Views from the Underside of Modernity (2008) and La descolonización y el giro de(s)colonial (2012).

Anne-Marie Fortier


Anne-Marie Fortier is a professor at the Sociology Department of the University of Lancaster (UK). Her main research interests include topics such as migrant community formation, multiculturalism, cohesion and integration, queer diasporas, national genetic genealogies and the citizenship naturalisation process in England. Among her publications are Migrant Belongings: Memory, Space, Identity (2000) and Multicultural Horizons: Diversity and the Limits of the Civil Nation (2008).  


Suvi Keskinen


Suvi Keskinen is an Academy of Finland Research Fellow and a professor of ethnic Relations and Nationalism at the Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki. Her research interests include post/decolonial feminism, critical race and whiteness studies, politics of belonging, nationalism, welfare state, political activism and gendered violence. She is the co-editor of Complying with Colonialism. Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the Nordic Region (2009) and Undoing Homogeneity in the Nordic Region: Migration, Difference and the Politics of Solidarity (2019).

Kristín Loftsdóttir


Kristín Loftsdóttir is a professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Iceland. She has published widely on questions related to Icelandic identity as well as on whiteness, coloniality, mobility, racism, gender and ideas of ‘Europe’. Among her books are Whiteness and Postcolonialism in the Nordic Region (2016), edited with Lars Jensen, and Crisis and Coloniality at Europe's Margins: Creating Exotic Iceland (2018).