University of Helsinki

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Welcome to the University of Helsinki (video)

More about Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS).

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Aalto University

About Aalto Sustainability (introduction video)

Aalto University virtual tour

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Read more about Sustainability in Aalto University.

Facebook and Twitter: @AaltoASH and #SSD2021

Contact information

Team Aalto Sustainability

Meri Löyttyniemi, Team Leader, Sustainability Research Services

+358 50 313 7549


Paula Schönach, Senior Advisor, Sustainability Research Services

+358 50 505 8727

Jasmin Järvinen, Trainee at Aalto Sustainability

+358 50 322 7069

Communications & conference arrangements

Team HELSUS & University of Helsinki

Eeva-Lotta Apajalahti, Research Coordinator at HELSUS

+358 29 415 7906


Ville-Pekka Niskanen, Non-military Service Person at HELSUS

+358 2941 58315

Communications & Conference arrangements

Suvi Tikka Trainee at HELSUS

+358 29 415 7853

Communications & Conference arrangements

Academic Directors of SSD2021

Prof. Anne Toppinen, HELSUS
Prof. Minna Halme (until 2020)