Behaviour Change Science & Policy (BeSP) is an ‘Argumenta’ project funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation in 2019-2020.

It aims to evoke scientific and interdisciplinary discussion on questions related to influencing behaviour. The project brings together researchers from different fields, policy makers, and other actors to discuss the science of developing and evaluating effective interventions, to best solve challenges related to behaviour change. The project aims to improve the uptake and use of research on influencing behaviour, when designing public policy.

The core of the project is formed by five symposia that cover evidence based policy-making and making better use of behaviour change research. In the symposia, we will discuss opposing scientific views, and seek novel promising avenues for the future.

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The other forthcoming symposia will cover topics such as:

Past symposia:

The 1st BeSP symposium was a high-profile multidisciplinary 2-day event around Intervention evaluation & field experiments and had over 130 registered participants, more information and recordings of presentations are available at https://www.helsinki.fi/en/conferences/1st-behaviour-change-science-policy-besp-symposium.

The 2nd BeSP symposium was on Behavioural insights in developing public policy and interventions. Tiedekulma was fully booked (over 180 registered participants), and a 2-day event had a wide livestreaming audience (119 viewers followed the stream on Thursday and 149 viewers on Friday!). More information and recordings of presentations are available at https://www.helsinki.fi/en/conferences/behavioural-insights-in-designing-public-policy-interventions.