Network meetings

Pedaforum 2019

The Pedaforum 2019 seminar offers various networks an opportunity for own meetings during Tuesday and Wednesday, 4–5 June. The University of Helsinki offers participants necessary facilities. Participation in network meetings are free of charge and does not require registration for Pedaforum conference.

If you have any questions concerning particular network meeting, please contact the meeting's contact person. All registrations with the contact person.


The meetings on 4 June

Oppimisen avoimuuden verkostotapaaminen
Time: 13.00–16.00
Place: Kaisa-talo: Kaisa-sali 7062
Contact person: Ilmari Jauhiainen,

Time: 13.00–15.00
Place: Exactum, B120
Contact person: Anni Rytkönen,
Participation online is also possible; see more information and registration on

Teams korkeakouluopetuksessa
Time: 15.00–17.00
Place: Exactum, B120
Contact person: Anni Rytkönen,
Participation online is also possible.

DigiCampus-hankkeen johtoryhmän kokous ja sisäinen yleiskokous
Time: 13.00–17.00
Place: Exactum, B121
Contact person: Sari Tervonen,
Registration with this e-form.

Time: 12.00–15.30
Place: Exactum, B119
Contact person: Ulla Klemola,

Oppimisanalytiikan verkostotapaaminen
Time: 12.00–16.00
Place: Exactum, C123
Contact person: Henna Määttä,

The meetings on 5 June

Pedaforumin Digiopetus-ryhmä
Time: 9.00–11.00
Place: Exactum, D122
Contact person: Marko Forsell,

OHO!-hankkeen saavutettavuustiimi
Time: 9.00–11.00
Place: Exactum, B119
Contact person: Heli Antila,

Network for University Mathematics Educators (NUME)
Time: 9.00–11.00
Place: Exactum, BK114
Contact person: Juulia Lahdenperä,

Time: 9.30–11.00
Place: Exactum, C220
Contact person: Merja Heikkilä,