Workshop Programme

Location: Metsätalo, Room 10, Unioninkatu 40

Monday  26.8.2019

09.30-10.00  Tea and Coffee

10.00-11.30  Alfred Mele, Florida State University, "Are Practical Decisions Mental Actions?"

11.30-12.30  Matthew Heeney, Columbia University, “Deliberating, Deciding, and the Mark of Mental Action”

12.30-14.00  Lunch 

14.00-15.00  Kaisa Kärki, University of Tampere, “Intentional Omissions are Activities”

15.00-16.00  Pekka Tolvanen, University of Helsinki, ”Against a Humean Belief-Desire Reduction of Intending”

16.00-16.15  Break

16.15-17.15  Michael Smith, Princeton University, "Are all Actions Bodily Movements?"

18.30-20.30  Dinner

Tuesday 27.8.2019

10.00-11.30  Kirk Ludwig, Indiana University Bloomington, "Let me go and try"

11.30-12.30  Saba Bazargan-Forward, University of California San Diego, “Authority, Agency, and Practical Reasons”

12.30-14.00  Lunch

14.00-15.00  Jay Jian, University of Oxford, “Integration and Agency: Why Intention Presupposes Mental Unity”

15.00-16.00  Ramon Das, Victoria University of Wellington, “Virtue, Disposition, and the Ability to Do Otherwise”

16.00-16.15  Break 

16.15-17.15  Seumas Miller, Charles Sturt University, Delft University of Technology, University of Oxford, “Abilities and Knowing How”