Practical Information for MMN2018 visitors

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Under this topic, we have collected plenty of practical information regarding the conference. Please read the following; if anything remains unclear, do not hesitate to contact us:

The conference timetable can be downloaded below. It is also printed behind your name tag.

Where to register

On Tuesday, 12th of June, you can find the registration desk in the university main building. Enter via the doors from Unioninkatu and follow the signs.

From Wednesday, the 13th of June, the registration desk is in Biomedicum, and you will see the desk immediately once you enter from the main doors.

How to contact us

You can always reach us via email:

During the conference (Tuesday - Friday) you can call or SMS us using the phone number 041 705 4813. This is not a smartphone, so anything more complicated than calling or SMSing will work.

How to find the conference venues

We have created a map with all the venues of the conference clearly marked: click here to open the map in a separate window.

How to find Biomedicum? You most likely arrive at Tukholmankatu bus stop or the nearby tram stop. From there, it's only few steps to Biomedicum, as you can see from photos below. Once inside the doors, you'll be greeted by the registration desk!


MMN2018 - route

Opening ceremony and workshops

The conference opening ceremony and workshops take place in Helsinki downtown: specifically, the university main building (Fabianinkatu 33). The opening ceremony is in Juhlasali (entrance from the doors on the side of the senate square; that is, from Unioninkatu) while the workshops take place in lecture hall 7 (not to be mistaken to lecture hall VII; the lecture halls with arabic numerals are on the side of Fabianinkatu, the lecture halls with roman numerals are on the side of Unioninkatu), entrance from the doors on Fabianinkatu.

Getting to and from the conference venue

The conference is held in Biomedicum Helsinki, the street address is Haartmaninkatu 8. Click here for the map of conference venues. The venue can be reached easily using the tram number 4 from the city center, or few other trams and many busses. The busses and trams that take you to the conference venue from the city center are too many to list here: to find easy route from your accommodation to the conference venue, please use the Helsinki local traffic travel planner: For ticket prices, see the helsinki local traffic website:

Helsinki local traffic tickets can also be purchased using the mobile app. Visit this page for direct links to the App Store, Google play and windows mobile phone sites to install the app:

The locations of the social program

The conference cruise starts from the Market Square (Kauppatori). The conference afterparty on Friday the 15th of June is in Tiedekulma (Yliopistonkatu 4).

In addition to these events, we have a CBRU alumni meeting on Wednesday, 13th of June. CBRU Alumni Meeting is to meet former friends and colleagues from CBRU and share memories from the "good old times". Our plan is to take a brief walking tour around Kruununhaka at the former CBRU premises at Ritarikatu, Meritullinkatu and Siltavuorenpenger (weather permitting, starting at 6.30 pm) and then head to enjoy dinner and or drinks at the Restaurant Rodolfo (at 7pm, see map). Please register via email at by Friday the 8th of June, or mark your attendance in the facebook event linked above.

Poster presentations

The schedule for the posters are as follows (also found in the Schedule page):

Poster sessions have the same themes as the symposia of the same day. Specifically:

Poster session themes, Wednesday June 13th: Neurocomputational models of the MMN, Attention, expectation, and awareness: contributions from MMN, Music and MMN, MMN as a biomarker of developmental disorders: dream or reality?

Poster session themes, Thursday June 14th: MMN in neuropsychiatry, Deviance detection in early life, Expecting the unexpected across multiple neural and temporal scales, Neuroplasticity

Poster session themes, Friday June 15th: Animal models, MMN in language processing, Same but different: visual MMN

Sizes of the poster boards: width 85 cm, height 115 cm.

Please put up your poster on the morning of your poster session

Pre-conference workshop

The pre-conference workshop will be organized on Tuesday 12th of June at 12:00-15:00. The workshop takes place in lecture hall 7 (not to be mistaken to lecture hall VII; the lecture halls with arabic numerals are on the side of Fabianinkatu, the lecture halls with roman numerals are on the side of Unioninkatu), entrance from the doors on Fabianinkatu. The workshop is an introductory and practical (but not hands-on) course on how to use MMN reliably as a research tool. Teachers are Mr. Miika Leminen and Professor Fengyu Cong. Topics will include Introduction to MMN, Basics about different MMN paradigms, MMN measurement practicalities, MMN signal processing steps, MMN analysis, and Extracting MMN with PCA. The last part, the introduction to PCA tools, will start about at 14:00, in case you want to skip the basics. The workshop is free of charge for all conference attendees.