Mind and Matter 2024

Welcome to the Mind and Matter 2024 Conference in Helsinki!

The Mind and Matter profiling action of the University of Helsinki and The Research Academy of Finland (formerly Academy of Finland) is an interdisciplinary research programme that explores the question of the mind and its relation with matter, under the three research areas of intelligence, consciousness, and information. The headline conference of this research programme will take place in Helsinki on 11–12 June 2024. 

The conference is structured around six sessions: five hosted by the fellows of the Mind and Matter research programme, and a sixth poster session (see Registration).  

The keynote speakers are Associate Professor Tatsuya Daikoku (University of Tokyo), Director of Neuroscience Center Satu Palva (HiLIFE, University of Helsinki) and Associate Professor Jonathan Shock (University of Cape Town). 

Important days and information

  • Registration opens: 3 May 2024
  • Registration ends: 23 May 2024