Practical information

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Book accommodation early!  June is a popular time in Helsinki!

A limited number of rooms will be available at Töölö Towers:  To get the very low conference rate, you must contact the organizers (mw-link2019 (at) for the booking code.  Conference rates for a single room 60 euro/night and a one bedroom flat (2 person)  for 92 euro/night.  There are 25 single rooms and 10 one bedroom flats available, enough for a total of 45 participants.  The rooms must be booked for the full week.   If requesting a booking code for a one bedroom flat, please specify the name of the other conference attendee with whom you will be sharing.  If you would like to share a room, but do not have someone to share with, please contact the organizers via e-mail to be matched with another attendee.   As a bonus, Töölö Towers has sauna and free breakfast.   

There are several budget-friendly (70-120 euro/night) hotels and hostels in the area that are within easy reach via walking or the extensive public transport network.   The easiest way to find these, along with their up-to-date rates is to do a quick google map search of the area.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the organizers via e-mail.  Keep in mind that this will be the high-season in Helsinki.  Book early!

Public transport:

Helsinki has a comprehensive public transport network, including bus, train, metro, and boat.  One can usually find a stop every 300 meters or less.  To plan your journey, more information can be found on the HSL website: .

It is highly recommended that you either download the HSL app or purchase a public transport card for the duration of your stay.  The cards are 5 euro (non-refundable) and can be purchased at the train station and any "R-kioski".  The app is free.  Rates and fares can be found here: .  The daily/weekly tickets also include transport to some of the nearby islands.  Note:  If you only include the innermost zones (recommended unless you intend to leave the city every day), the airport is not included. 

To and from the airport:

The easiest option is by train.  The I and P trains go between the airport and Helsinki Central Station every 5-10 minutes during normal hours, and continue less frequently throughout the night.  The fare is ~5 euro each way and can be purchased at either station.  The train station at the airport is very easy to find and there are only two platforms, both leading to Helsinki Central Station, which is the last stop.  The journey takes 30-40 minutes and is quite scenic!

The Finnair bus is another option for approximately the same cost: .  

Additional useful tips:

Most people in Helsinki speak fluent English in addition to Finnish and often Swedish.  

Most payments in Finland are completed via credit card.  Cash is usually an option, but not always.