The conference will take place in Helsinki on 26-28 October 2022. Here you can find the detailed programme (subject to changes).

You can download the programme of the conference by clicking here

The abstracts of all presentations are also available here

Last minute updates:

Thursday's keynote by Kaarina Koski will be replaced by Karina's Lukin (University of Helsinki) talk ”Domesticated mammoths. Material aspects of Nenets shamanism”. It will be from 9 to 10 in Athena building, room 302. 

- Friday 10.50-11.20, Presentation by Vesa Matteo Piludu (University of Helsinki) "Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledges and Biocultural Diversity Conservation: Protecting Immaterial and Material Heritages" is cancelled. 

- Closing words of the conference in room 302 at 12.00.