Plenary speakers

19th International Conference on Positron Annihilation (ICPA-19).
List of plenary speakers

Tamara Babij (UK), "Microwave spectroscopy of the positronium n = 2 fine structure"

Maik Butterling (DE), "The high-intense pulsed positron source MePS - recent developments and future plans"

Marie-France Barthe (FR), “Irradiation-induced damage in tungsten for fusion: a PAS, TEM and modelling combined study”

Ruggero Caravita (CH), "Laser cooling positronium for efficient antihydrogen production"

Jakub Čížek (CZ), "Lattice distortions and point defects in refractory metal high entropy alloys"

Paolo Crivelli (CH), "Positronium as a probe for dark sectors"

Stephan Eijt (NL),"Nature of defects in organic-inorganic perovskite and BaSi2 photovoltaic thin films examined by positron annihilation spectroscopy" 

Mohamed Elsayed (DE) “Interaction of quenched-in vacancies with trace elements in highly-diluted Al-alloys”

Dermot Green (UK), "Many-body theory of positron interactions with polyatomic molecules"

Masaki Hori (DE), “Laser spectroscopy of long-lived antiprotonic helium and pionic helium atoms at CERN and PSI”

Christoph Hugenschmidt (DE) “Current Status and Future Developments Using Bright Positron Beams at NEPOMUC”

Akira Ishida (JP), "Recent progress in positronium laser cooling"

László Liszkay (FR) "The GBAR antimatter gravitation experiment: present status and a new, silicon carbide remoderator based scheme to trap positrons"

Masaki Maekawa (JP), "Development of spin-polarized positronium time-of-flight method"

Priya Maheshwari (IN) "Analyzing nanostructured materials"

Sebastiano Mariazzi (IT), "Towards quantum entanglement and inertial sensing studies with positronium in the 2^3S state"

Peter Mascher (CA) "New Positron Facilities at McMaster University"

Pawel Moskal (PL), "Imaging of positronium decays in the human body with the modular J-PET scanner"

Henk Schut (NL) "Development of a PALS facility at the Delft nuclear reactor based positron beam (POSH)"

Yugo Nagata (JP), “Observation of hyperfine resonance of positronium using a static periodic magnetic field”

Farida Selim (US) , "Development of in-situ Positron Beam for real time monitoring of atomic scale defect formation and evolution under Coupled Extremes"

Eve Stenson (DE) "Matter-antimatter pair plasmas: a new frontier in plasma physics"

Alberto Somoza (AR) "The joint use of PAS and Monte Carlo kinetic simulations to describe the vacancy-assisted solute transport mechanism associated with the first stage of precipitation hardening in Al-Cu-based alloys"

James Sullivan (AU), “Positron scattering from biomolecules”

Masanori Tachikawa (JP) "Theoretical study on positron binding to atomic anion dimers using first-principles quantum Monte Carlo"

Akira Uedono (JP), ”Studies of native and process induced defects in GaN using positron annihilation spectroscopy”

Ken Wada (JP) "Improvement of the beam generation unit and recent research at the KEK Slow Positron Facility"

Alex Weiss (US) "Doppler Broadened Annihilation-Gamma Spectroscopy as a New Tool for Surface Analysis: Estimates of Elemental and Surface Sensitivity"

Bożena Zgardzińska (PL), "Current progress and perspectives in Ps-based oncology nanodiagnosis"