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International Advisory Committee

P. Mascher (chair), Canada
Ch. Hugenschmidt (vice chair), Germany
M. A. Alam, UK
B. Barbiellini. Finland
M.‐F. Barthe. France
R. S. Brusa. Italy
Z. Q. Chen. China
J. Čižek, Czech Republic
M. Fujinami, Japan
A. Kawasuso, Japan
G. Laricchia, UK
A. P. Mills, USA
Y. Nagashima, Japan
P.M.G. Nambissan, India
P. K. Pujari, India
H. Schut. The Netherlands
F. A. Selim, USA
J. B. Sullivan, Australia
F. Tuomisto, Finland
A. Wagner, Germany
R. Krause‐Rehberg, Germany, Observer