There will be three parallel workshops on Wednesday.

You can indicate your interest in the registration form. You can also simply join the session.

Dynamic data and data linking

The "Dynamic data and data linking - databases as  source of data from point of view of data management" -workshop session focuses on data citation in both publishing scientific data and referring to different kinds of data sources. It will include short introductory presentations followed by discussion on how to secure referring possibilities with different data types or structures when publishing data.

Convener: Hanna Koivula/CSC

Integrated modelling

This workshops aims at promoting integration between the RIs. We will invite participants from each infra to present their views on the themes to be discussed:

  • Methods for upscaling site-specific results to regional applications in carbon modelling and ecosystem processes (e.g. combining models of lateral and vertical fluxes).
  • How does scale impact uncertainty estimates?
  • How best to utilize data for model development and application?

Format: 3 x 15 min presentations with 10 min discussions after each presentation, 30 min general discussion. Comments and questions collected in chat or on a discussion wall.

Convener: Maria Holmberg/SYKE

Stable Isotope Measurements

In this workshop we will discuss available isotope measurement systems in ecosystem sciences in Finland. We will collect information about different applications of stable isotope techniques and the aim of the measurements. Further, we will highlight important findings from isotope measurements and brainstorm about possibilities to further develop the stable isotope measurement network in ecosystem sciences in Finland. The overall aim of the workshop is to strengthen collaboration between ICOS, eLTER and AnaEE networks and to encourage dialog across different disciplines, approaches (isotope and non-isotope) and institutions. The workshop will provide space for informal exchange and brainstorming between scientists involved.

Convener: Christina Biasi/UEF