The meeting is scheduled for 4-6 May 2021 at 13:00-16:00 UTC+3 each day. The final programme will be updated here.

The program will consist of

Tuesday 4 May



Keynote 1:

How human impact changes disease dynamics in natural ecosystems

Anna-Liisa Laine




Thematic session 1:

Biodiversity links to ecosystem functioning

Chair: Janne-Markus Rintala



Bingo - Session 1

Thematic talk:

Laura Kauppi: What can nearly 100 years of benthic sampling tell us about ecosystem functioning?

Other presentations:

Alf Norkko: The next step in coastal biodiversity and climate change research

Janne-Markus Rintala: Taxonomically and functionally distinct ciliate assemblages inhabiting sea ice

Kirsi Kostamo: From species to ecosystem services valuation - marine underwater habitats

Veera Norros: Exploring the link between functional diversity and ecosystem functioning: do traits explain spatiotemporal variation in plankton growth dynamics?

Maria Väisänen: Soil microclimatic and plant responses to shifting snow and grazing across boreal habitats

Noora Kantola: Boreal forest floor CO2 flux responses to divergent reindeer grazing regimes and altered winter snow depth

Anu Akujärvi: The role of boreal old-growth forests in carbon sequestration – an empirical study

Maija Salemaa: Importance of N2 fixation of bryophyte-cyanobacteria associations to boreal forest nitrogen-budget in changing climate

Merja Elo: National Peatland Restoration Monitoring Network – towards effective restoration

Thematic session 2:

Natural climate solutions - ways forward to enhance land carbon sink

Chair: Lukas Kohl



Bingo - Session 2

Thematic talk:

Katri Himanen: Does tree breeding change the dry mass allocation between the shoot and the root system in Pinus sylvestris?

Other presentations:

Toprak Aslan: Quantifying the effect of thinning on carbon and water cycles in a managed boreal forest

Kukka-Maaria Kohonen: Carbonyl sulfide as a proxy for photosynthesis

Anna Lintunen: Water loss through tree bark should not be neglected in estimation of forest evapotranspiration in dry conditions

Olli-Pekka Siira: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agricultural Organic Soils of Boreal and Temperate Zones

Maarit Liimatainen: Environmental impacts of cultivated peatland on an acid sulphate soil

Saara Lind: GHG mitigation potential of agricultural management practises on mineral and organic soils

Xuefei Li: Modelling the management effects on CO2 and CH4 fluxes from peatland forest by the JSBACH-HIMMELI model

Hem Raj Bhattarai: Understanding the Ecosystem Sink of Nitrous Oxide (ENSINK)

Liisa Kulmala: Solving biogenic carbon cycle in urban environments

Johanna Riikonen: New climate change research platform in Luke Suonenjoki


Wednesday 5 May


Keynote 2:

Quantifying and mitigating peatland greenhouse gas emissions: From sites to national and global inventories, and then back again

Chris Evans



14:00-16:00 Workshop 1:

Dynamic data and data linking


Workshop 2:

Stable Isotope Measurements


Workshop 3:

Integrated modelling




Thursday 6 May


Keynote 3:

The European Climate Law and its consequences for ICOS – a first brainstorming

Werner Kutsch




Thematic session 3:

Scaling - how to use measurements for modeling at different scales

Chair: Tuula Aalto



Bingo - Session 3

Thematic talk:

Martin Forsius: Spatially explicit modelling of combined biodiversity and carbon benefits

Other presentations:

Man Hu: Using a process-based model to predict multi-layered forest growth, mortality, and regeneration

Tapani Repo: Tree root turnover rates are affected by soil conditions

Vicent Agustí Ribas Costa: Design and validation of a new technique for estimating canopy parameters: UAS-based spherical (360°) photography describing the forest canopy from inside

Jari-Pekka Nousu: Using SAR-based spatiotemporal estimates of soil moisture to calibrate a spatially distributed hydrological model

Tuula Aalto: Temperature and precipitation responses of modelled wetland methane emissions in Fennoscandia

Aki Tsuruta: Application of ground-based atmospheric CH4 data for estimation of global and regional CH4 fluxes based on atmospheric inversion

Vilma Kangasaho: Modelling seasonal cycle of atmospheric δ13C-CH4 and their evaluations with δ13C-CH4 observations

Maria Tenkanen: Northern High Latitudes Methane Emissions: Cold Season And Permafrost

Laurel Larsen: Dominant drivers of CH4 and CO2 emissions over multiple timescales in a bog-fen comparison

Lukas Kohl: Constraining the belowground methane cycle in peatlands with dual isotope analysis

Thematic session 4:

Lateral element transport between ecosystems and fluxes across boundaries

Chair: Katri Rankinen



Bingo - Session 4

Thematic talk:

Kaisa-Riikka Mustonen: Understanding interacting dynamics of hydrology, carbon cycle and greenhouse gas fluxes in Arctic watersheds

Other presentations:

Joonatan Ala-Könni: Methane flux measurements by EC on lake Pallasjärvi during ice-off

Maria Holmberg: On the role of aquatic ecosystems in the greenhouse gas balance of a region

Xin Zhuang: Using 13C isotope tracer to study how sink limitation affects Betula pendula sugar translocation

Celine Arzel: Decline of aquatic macro invertebrates as a consequence of water browning

Clarisse Blanchet: Identifying factors driving water browning of lakes in a Finnish forest landscape

Katri Rankinen: Modelling of long term brownification process in Southern Finland

Perttu Virkajärvi: From landscape to field scale and lab level with new water research infrastructure at Luke Kuopio Maaninka research station


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