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Mon, Oct 25



10:30 (H)


Welcome Session

speakers: Ljuba Veselinova on behalf of the Association for Linguistic Typology and Matti Miestamo on behalf of General Linguistics at the University of Helsinki.

Session I

11:00 (H)


Der sogenannte Absentiv im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kontext, Interaktion und Kognition (Yue Zhou; local time 10:00)

chair: Johan van der Auwera (local time 10:00)

host: Ellison Luk

  11:40 (H)

Patterns of body~object colexifications across languages (Annika Tjuka; local time 10:40)

chair: Maïa Ponsonnet (local time: 16:40)

host: Ellison Luk

Wed, Oct 27

Session II

13:00 (H)

There is no Uniquely Optimal Sonority Hierarchy: Phonotactic Investigation of 496 Languages Adopting 40 Sonority Hierarchies (Ruihua Yin; local time 12:00)

chair: Gwendolyn Hyslop (local time: 21:00)

host: Katherine Walker

  14:00 (H)

Discussion about Open Access publishing

discussion leader: Sebastian Nordhoff (local time: 13:00) 

Session III 16:30 (H)

On the typology of European past tenses (Balázs Kovács; local time 15:30)

chair: Vladimir Plungian (local time: 16:30)

host: Katherine Walker

  17:10 (H)

Demonstrative Constructions in Ethiopian Oromo (Wakweya Olani; local time 16:10)

chair: Nikolaus Himmelmann (local time: 16:10)

host: Katherine Walker

Week 44
Tue, Nov 2

Session IV

9:20 (H)


The use of embeddings in an evolutionary analysis of syncretism in pronominal paradigms (Kyla Quinn; local time 18:20)

chair: Marc Allassonnière-Tang (local time: 8:20)

host: Erika Just

  10:00 (H)

Non-Locutionary Functions of Reported Speech Constructions: A Crosslinguistic Analysis (Daniela Casartelli; local time 9:00)

chair: Nick Enfield (local time: 19:00)

host: Erika Just

  11:30 (H)

Situative constructions in SAE (Rodolfo Basile; local time 11:30)

chair: Martin Haspelmath (local time: 10:30)

host: Erika Just

  12:10 (H)

From noun plural to plural agreement: evidence from Andi (Aigul Zakirova; local time 13:10)

chair: Mark Van de Velde (local time: 11:10)

host: Erika Just

Thu, Nov 4

Session V

16:00 (H)

Fieldwork in times of the coronavirus pandemic: a round-table discussion





17:10 (H)

Polysemy patterns of Hill Mari standard and degree markers: a typological perspective (Julia Sinitsyna; local time 18:10)

chair: Yvonne Treis (local time: 16:10)

host: Aigul Zakirova

  17:50 (H)

The typology of free affix order (Maksymilian Dąbkowski; local time 8:50)

chair: Peter Arkadiev (local time: 17:50)

host: Aigul Zakirova

Fri, Nov 5

Session VI

9:00 (H)

Discussion: What skills do current typology graduates need to have and how can you widen your skill set during the PhD?

discussion leader: Alena Witzlack-Makarevich (local time: 09:00)


9:50 (H)


Session VII

10:00 (H)


The Relation between Evidentiality and Epistemic Modality – A Typological Study (Tina West; local time 09:00)

chair: Fernando Zúñiga (local time: 09:00)

host: Daniela Casartelli

  10:40 (H)

A diachronic explanation for cross-linguistic variation in the use of inverse-scope constructions (Omri Amiraz; local time 11:40) [related paper]

chair: Matti Miestamo (local time: 10:40)

host: Daniela Casartelli

Week 45
Mon, Nov 8

Session VIII

10:00 (H)

VO and OV variation in Murrinhpatha (Giovanni Chun Long Ma; local time 19:00)

chair: Geoffrey Haig (local time: 9:00)

host: Maria Vollmer

  10:40 (H)

Catching the present - a typological survey of present-tense constructions (Tom Koss; local time 09:40)

chair: Ljuba Veselinova (local time: 09:40)

host: Maria Vollmer



Session IX

14:00 (H)

Typology of Honorification: Micro and Macro Variations in Bangla (Pratiti Palit; local time 17:30)

chair: Alena Witzlack-Makarevich (local time: 14:00)

host: Erika Just

  14:40 (H)

On marking of direct evidentiality in Udmurt (Ditta Szabó; local time 13:40)

chair: Ekaterina Gruzdeva (local time: 14:40)

host: Erika Just

Wed, Nov 10

Session X

14:40 (H)

Whatever it takes: Towards a typology of concessive conditionals (Tom Bossuyt; local time 13:40)

chair: Ekkehard Koenig (local time: 13:40)

host: Aigul Zakirova

  16:00 (H)

How to publish your typology paper? A conversation with the editor of Linguistic Typology

discussion leader: Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm (local time: 15:00)

Week 46
Tue, Nov 16

Session XI

07:00 (H)

The grammaticalization of numeral classifiers in Southern Sinitic languages

(Qi Huang; local time 06:00)

chair: Mark Post (local time: 16:00)

host: Kyla Quinn

Session XII 10:00 (H)

Session on quantificational methods in typology

Speakers (in alphabetical order):

  • Laura Becker on random forests/maps in R
  • Simon Greenhill on phylogenetics
  • Matías Guzmán Naranjo on statistical bias control in typology
  • Kaius Sinnemäki on using ggplot2
  • Bodo Winter on Bayesian multilevel negative binomial regression
  11:30 (H)

Object-verb agreement with cognitive verbs in Mordvinic (Erzya and Moksha) (Giovanna Albonico; local time 10:30) 

chair: Eva van Lier

host: Katherine Walker

  12:10 (H)

The semantic development of the verbs denoting upward relocation in the light of typological data (Mariia Orlova; local time 13:10)

chair: Guglielmo Inglese (local time: 11:10)

host: Katherine Walker

Wed, Nov 17
Session XIII 00:00 (H)

Word order variability in Mapudungun (Rodrigo Becerra; local time Tue 15:00)

chair: Jane Simpson (local time: Wed 09:00)

host: Maria Vollmer

Thu, Nov 18

Session XIV

14:00 (H)

Nominalization as an information-structuring device in western Austronesian languages (Maria Bardají i Farré; local time 13:00)

chair: Dana Louagie (local time: 13:00)

host: Ellison Luk

  14:40 (H)

Hill Mari ‘holistic’ comitative affix -ge in typological perspective (Irina Khomchenkova; local time 15:40)

chair: Dana Louagie (local time: 13:40)

host: Ellison Luk


Session XV


18:00 (H)

The emergence of an adjective class in Senhaja Berber (Northern Morocco) (Evgeniya Gutova; local time 17:00)

chair: Ksenia Shagal (local time: 18:00)

host: Jonathan Banks

  18:40 (H)

The "Irrealis" in Bongu: Polyfunctional Categories in Semantic Typology (Wesley Kuhron Jones; local time 8:40)

chair: Jean-Christophe Verstraete (local time: 17:40)

host: Jonathan Banks

Week 47
Mon, Nov 22

Session XVI

18:00 (H)

A comparative look at the development of switch-reference systems (Jonathan Banks; local time 18:00)

chair: Daniel Ross (local time: 08:00)

host: Anastasia Panova

  18:40 (H)

A typological survey of non-finite constructions for clause linkage in Australian languages (Ellison Luk; local time 17:40)

chair: Marianne Mithun (local time: 8:40)

host: Anastasia Panova



Session XVII



19:30 (H)

Topicalization of focalized terms in Baga Pukur, an undescribed Atlantic language of Guinea (Neige Rochant; local time 18:30)

chair: Françoise Rose (local time: 18:30)

host: Anastasia Panova

  20:10 (H)

When-clauses: Cross-linguistic variation, areality, and pattern replication (Jesus Olguin Martinez; local time 10:10)

chair: Françoise Rose (local time: 19:10)

host: Anastasia Panova

Closure 20:50 (H) Closing Session