The EISG 2024 Meeting will start in the morning of June 18th and end at lunch on June 20th. Detailed program will be announced closer to the Meeting.

Day 1 - Theme: Human islet development and its defects

Session 1: Islet development and stem cell islets

Maike Sander
Racel Jennings: A single cell atlas of human pancreas development
Malgorzata Borowiak
1 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Diego Balboa

Session 2: Human islet development and its monogenic defects

Tom Barsby: Metabolic maturation of stem cell-derived islets
Elisa De Franco: Using genome sequencing to gain novel insights into beta cell biology
4 short talks from abstracts

Session 3: Signalling and crosstalk in the islet

Huixia Ren: Delta-alpha cell-to-cell interactions modulate pancreatic islet Ca2+ oscillation mode and hormone secretion
Anders Tengholm: Second messenger interplay in islet cells
Joan Camuna-Soler: Single-cell quantification of β-cell secretory capacity and transcriptome in health and diabetes
3 short talks from abstracts

Chair: Patrik Rorsman

Day 2 - Theme: What goes wrong in the islets in common forms of diabetes

Session 4: Metabolic stress

Miriam Cnop: Unraveling molecular mechanisms of metabolic stress and type 2 diabetes in human islets
Bengt-Frederik Belgardt: Sphingolipid species differentially regulate proinsulin processing and insulin secretion
3 short talk from abstracts

Session 5: The islet in T2D

Anna Gloyn: Searching for diamonds in the sand: Human genetics as a tool to identify causal mechanisms for islet-cell dysfunction
Nils Wierup: Single-cell mRNA-regulation analysis reveals cell type-specific mechanisms of type 2 diabetes
Piero Marchetti: Rescuing the beta cell in type 2 diabetes: how close are we?
3 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Andrew Hattersley

Session 6: The islet in T1D

Sarah Richardson
Arnaud Zaldumbide: Molecular mechanisms of beta cell immunogenicity
Yuval Dor: Defects in RNA editing mimic early stage type 1 diabetes
Malin Flodström Tullberg: A look beyond the usual suspects: Type III Interferons in the Pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes
2 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Decio Eizirik

Day 3 - Theme: Whatgoes wrong in the islets in common forms of diabetes

Session 7: Human Beta cells do (not) proliferate

Debate: Andrew Stewart vs. Raphael Scharfmann
2 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Timo Otonkoski

Session 8: New strategies for beta-cell replacement

Eelco de Koning: Clinical aspects of stem cell-derived islet replacement therapy
Matthias Hebrok: Designing next-generation beta cells for stem cell therapy
4 short talk from abstracts