The EISG 2024 Meeting will start in the morning of June 18th and end at lunch on June 20th. Detailed program will be announced closer to the Meeting.

9:00 AM Opening words & welcome

Day 1 - Theme: Human islet development and its defects

Session 1: Islet development and stem cell islets

Maike Sander: Understanding and treating diabetes with stem cell islets
Rachel Jennings: A single cell atlas of human pancreas development
Malgorzata Borowiak: Shaping It Up: Mechanosignaling in the Differentiation and Expansion of Human Pancreatic Beta Cells
1 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Diego Balboa

Session 2: Human islet development and its monogenic defects

Tom Barsby: Metabolic maturation of stem cell-derived islets
Elisa De Franco: Using genome sequencing to gain novel insights into beta cell biology
4 short talks from abstracts

Chair: Andrew Hattersley

Session 3: Signalling and crosstalk in the islet

Huixia Ren: Delta-alpha cell-to-cell interactions modulate pancreatic islet Ca2+ oscillation mode and hormone secretion
Anders Tengholm: Second messenger interplay in islet cells
Joan Camuna-Soler: Single-cell quantification of β-cell secretory capacity and transcriptome in health and diabetes
3 short talks from abstracts

Chair: Patrik Rorsman

Day 2 - Theme: What goes wrong in the islets in common forms of diabetes

Session 4: Metabolic stress

Miriam Cnop: Unraveling molecular mechanisms of metabolic stress and type 2 diabetes in human islets
Bengt-Frederik Belgardt: Sphingolipid species differentially regulate proinsulin processing and insulin secretion
3 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Guy Rutter

Session 5: The islet in T2D

Anna Gloyn: Searching for diamonds in the sand: Human genetics as a tool to identify causal mechanisms for islet-cell dysfunction
Nils Wierup: Single-cell mRNA-regulation analysis reveals cell type-specific mechanisms of type 2 diabetes
Piero Marchetti: Rescuing the beta cell in type 2 diabetes: how close are we?
3 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Tiinamaija Tuomi

Session 6: The islet in T1D

Sarah Richardson: Leveraging new knowledge from the human pancreas to advance and improve understanding and treatment of Type 1 diabetes
Arnaud Zaldumbide: Molecular mechanisms of beta cell immunogenicity
Yuval Dor: Defects in RNA editing mimic early stage type 1 diabetes
Malin Flodström Tullberg: A look beyond the usual suspects: Type III Interferons in the Pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes
2 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Decio Eizirik

Day 3 - Theme: Beta-cell regeneration and transplantation

Session 7: Human Beta cells do (not) proliferate

Debate: Andrew Stewart vs. Raphael Scharfmann
2 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Timo Otonkoski

Session 8: New strategies for beta-cell replacement

Eelco de Koning: Clinical aspects of stem cell-derived islet replacement therapy
Matthias Hebrok: Designing next-generation beta cells for stem cell therapy
Per-Ola Carlsson: Hypoimmune islet  transplantation in type 1  diabetes
4 short talk from abstracts

Chair: Heiko Lickert

2:00 PM Closing of the meeting

Social program

EISG 2024 social program takes us to the Baltic Sea directly from Hanasaari pier. We travel through the Helsinki archipelago towards the East until we dock again in Kulosaari-island of Helsinki, and enjoy a dinner in beautiful Casino until the Sun sets giving its turn to the white summer night.