Call for papers

We encourage presentations concentrating on the description of specific grammatical structures, as well as wider discussion of the role of typology in grammar-writing.

The presentations may take either a language-specific or a cross-linguistic perspective.

Topics relevant to the conference may include (but are not restricted to) the following issues:

  • The challenges of describing a language in its own terms and, at the same time, making it comparable to other languages
  • The roles of form and function in conceptualizing and organizing language descriptions
  • Challenges of and approaches to describing rare structures
  • The position of semantics in grammar writing
  • Approaches to variation in language description
  • The relation of language and linguistic structure to language ecologies
  • The role of corpora in grammar writing
  • Challenges and solutions for meeting the diverse needs of typologists, language learners and native speakers when writing a descriptive grammar

Abstracts should be submitted on-line through EasyAbs by September 30, 2018: