Master’s Thesis Award competition

The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies (FSSTS) congratulates the first winner of the Master´s Thesis Award!
Master’s Thesis Award winner announced

The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies Thesis Award was granted for the first time at the Science Symposium organized by the society. The motivation to create this award comes from wanting to acknowledge and support the work done by aspiring, young researchers in the field and to hopefully make Science and Technology studies more visible in Finland. 


This year’s winner is Ronja Tammi from from Tampere University. Her thesis focuses on the agency of egg cells in fertility treatments using donated eggs. The thesis was written in Finnish with the title of

Ihmisen alkuja, biosisaruksia ja hukkaan heitettäviä tavaroita: munasolun toimijuuden olemus yksityisten hedelmöityshoitoklinikoiden internet-sivuilla ja munasoluluovuttajien haastatteluissa.

The reviewing panel, which consisted of established and Junior scholars, decided to award this thesis because it connected elegantly and competently to the STS discussions. The panel stated that Tammi succeeds in her scientific aims of shedding light on the multiplicity of the egg cell in donation practices. She also discusses her observations insightfully in the societal context of the politics of reproduction.

Tammi's data collection and analysis are clearly delineated and structured.  The thesis forms a well-argumented academic study with a coherent research context, data and theoretical framework and the results are well-discussed. Tammi demonstrates her knowledge of the field of study and locates a research gap, which the thesis contributes to.

The study is a significant contribution on a topic that is personally meaningful for many while concerning central societal values and institutions, such as family and gender.

We thank all the participants and warmly congratulate the winner!