Practical information

Owing to the current world health situation and the limitations it has imposed on international travel, the conference will be inevitably held online as Zoom webinar. We greatly look forward to seeing you at the CALLIOPE International Conference in May 2021!

CALLIOPE Conference Team:


The conference will be held as a Zoom webinar. The link to the online event will be sent out after REGISTRATION to CIC2021.

Practical information and best practices

The conference takes place on Zoom Webinar, which means that there are different roles (and therefore different Zoom links) for panelists (keynote speakers, speakers and chairs) and non-presenting attendees (registered as audience members).

Panelists are visible to the audience, can mute and unmute themselves, and will be able to share their screen. All speakers and chairs will maintain their panelist-role throughout the whole conference. This means that they can actively participate in the other panel discussions as well, by raising their hand, and asking their questions live.

Non-presenting attendees, who do not have the same tools to make themselves visible, are invited to use the Q&A-tool to ask their questions. Written questions from the Q&A will be saved and sent to the respective speakers after the conference.

The Zoom chat box will be open during the entire conference, and can be used for sharing links (or spelling out names of relevant authors), or to continue the exchange on a more informal level during the breaks. (A verified attendee who wishes to engage more actively in these discussions or other parts of the conference, may address a request to one of the hosts to obtain the same features as panelists.).

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