Practical information

Here we have gathered some of the key practical information for all the speakers and participants of the event.

Most of you will arrive to Helsinki to the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport. From there, the best way to Helsinki City Center is by the direct trains (either P or I train). You can use zone ABC ticket to travel. You can get this ticket either by downloading the HSL app or buying the tickets from the machines by the airport station.

Once in Helsinki, it is recommended to use the HSL app and use the AB zone ticket as a daily or week pass (depending on your stay length). This AB ticket allows you unlimited travel in all trams, buses or trains within the AB zone (which covers all of central Helsinki and an epsilon-neighbourhood of it). You can use also the AB ticket to get into the Suomenlinna fortress ferry, which is a great island to explore if you have time.

All speakers are staying in the Töölö towers unless you have made your own arrangements (contact if you have).


Conference venue

The conference will be held at the University of Helsinki City Centre Campus in Metsätalo building, B214 (Room 4). To get there from Töölö towers, where most are staying, you can walk along the beautiful Töölö bay (around 30 min walk) or take the trams number 2 or 4 and getting off by the senate square (12 min journey), where you have 5 min walk to the venue.

On Wednesday 26th June, there is an excursion from 9 am, where a bus will take everybody from Töölö towers to Nuuksio National Park, where some of the talks will be held (see the Schedule for details).

What to do in Helsinki?

Some recommendations include: visiting the Oodi central library, walk along the coast of Helsinki (from the main market towards Löyly restaurant and Sauna), where you can see a glimpse of the archipelago, visiting the design museum, have a brew at the Regatta cafe near Töölö towers, visit the outdoor museum of Seurasaari, take a boat to do island hopping on boats by the archipelago or just visit the world heritage site Suomenlinna fortress island by ferry from the the main market square of Helsinki.

See the official local guide for more things to do in Helsinki area!


If you have any questions or need more information concerning the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Some speakers have received spam emails asking to book accommodation or travel. These should be ignored. All emails regarding the event should only comes from the organisers emails or