About Atypical Interaction Conference

Atypical Interaction Conference 2019 at the University of Helsinki follows the 1997 conference at University College London, the 2013 conference at University of Sheffield, and the 2016 conference at University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

The aim of the conference is to gather together researchers interested in the study of atypical interaction. It especially aims to advance research, which uses Conversation Analysis (CA) to investigate naturally occurring social interactions involving participants with communication impairment. In contrast to the research focusing on individual’s impairments, CA research has the potential to reveal the collaboration and resources of the participants who are interacting. Studies on other developmental and clinical perspectives are also welcome.

Conference theme

With the theme "Resources and Challenges in Participation," we invite presentations that "describe and analyse the practices through which different kind of parties build social action together by participating in structured ways in the events" (Goodwin & Goodwin 2004). Participation in shared activities strengthens the agency of the atypical participants, enhancing their quality of life. Besides successful events, we welcome analyses of the moments of asymmetry when 'the success' of interaction relies on the typical participant. The study of different means of participation is also of special interest. In the case of atypical interaction, participation may often be performed multi-modally, or by augmentative or alternative communication means.

Goodwin, C. & Harness Goodwin, M. (2004) Participation. In A. Duranti (ed.) A Companion to Linguistic Anthropology, pp. 222-244. Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

Submissions will be invited for:

  • Papers
  • Posters
  • Panels
  • Data sessions

Local organising committee

  • Minna Laakso (chair)
  • Anu Klippi
  • Camilla Lindholm
  • Kati Pajo
  • Irina Savolainen
  • Mika Simonen
  • Asta Tuomenoksa
  • Tuula Tykkyläinen
  • Mari Wiklund