AMOC 2022 committees

Executive Committee: M. Hochlaf (Paris), A. Csaszar (Budapest) and L. Halonen (Helsinki)

Scientific Committee: In addition to executive committee members G. Chambaud (Paris), T. Carrington (Kingston), O. Pirali (Gif-sur-Yvette), I. Kleiner (Paris), M. Biczysko (Shanghai) and M. L. Senent (Madrid)

Local Organizing Committee: L. Halonen (chairperson), M. Vainio (vice-chairperson), M. Metsälä and A. Eskola (all from the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki)

Photo: AMOC Helsinki local organizers. Upper row from left: Mikhail Roiz, Matthew Ward, Santeri Larnimaa, Markus Metsälä. Lower row from left: Juho Karhu, Lauri Halonen, Roni Vikholm, Markku Vainio.

History of AMOC

AMOC has been organized three times before the 2022 meeting in Helsinki: