Abstract submission

Here is the information for the abstract submission for 14th International Conference on Air Quality. Please read and follow the abstract guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract. The deadline for the abstract submissions has been extended and the new deadline is on 14 January 2024.
Abstract guidelines

The templates for the abstracts can be found from: http://www.faar.fi/report-series/. Template contains short instructions for the abstract.

  • The abstract needs to follow the FAAR abstract template
  • The required length of the abstract is 1–2 pages (including references)
  • Remove the header from the Word template
  • Only pdf format is allowed
  • Abstract files should be named lastname_firstname_abstract.pdf based on the first author (may NOT contain special characters, spaces or accents). If an author sends more than one abstract, this should be indicated with numbers (eg. lastname_firstname_abstract1.pdf and lastname_firstname_abstract2.pdf). Each abstract must have a unique name.
Abstract submissions

The abstract can be submitted in the link below. Please, make sure you have followed the abstract guidelines given above.