Call for papers

The 4th conference of the Nordic Network for Theology and Practice, 8-10 March 2023, Helsinki, Finland

The 4th conference of the Nordic Network for Theology and Practice focuses on the theme: “Theology in and as Practice.” Past meetings of this network have explored the role and meaning of practices in many ways. This time we ask: What is theology in and as practice? What do practices tell us about the nature of theology and theological knowing? How does theology emerge as a particular way of knowing and as reflexive God-talk? Who are the agents who practice theology? And, after all, what is theology? 

Through these questions we invite participants to explore theologies of practice and practices of theology. We are looking for empirical, theoretical, and methodological papers, which focus on exploring how theology addresses practices – as well as how theology itself is a practice. Thus, this is a call to discuss, develop, and define contemporary research practices and their key concepts in theology. In addition to presenting established research, this conference calls for critical (self-)reflections and bold visions of the future of practical theology. We welcome papers addressing these issues in both traditional and more exploratory research settings. 

The keynote speakers are Prof. Henk de Roest (PThU) and Prof. Tone Stangeland Kaufmann (MF) as well as novel lived religion scholars Riikka Myllys (UH) & Marjukka Laiho (UEF). We hope that the keynotes will provide inspiration and insights for a lively discussion. 

Registration begins in December 2022.

The submission of papers is now closed. If you would still like to submit a paper, please contact the conference secretaries at

We are looking forward to seeing you in Helsinki! 

On behalf of the organizing team, 
Auli Vähäkangas, Professor of Practical Theology, University of Helsinki & Kati Tervo-Niemelä, Professor of Practical Theology, University of Eastern Finland