Pedagogical education and development
Research-based development of teaching and learning.
Research-based development of teaching and learning

At the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, the development of teaching and learning is founded on research-based evidence and methods to support it. We collaborate with faculties to identify development areas in teaching, to create pedagogical experiments and innovations and to examine their impact. The Centre plays a key role in providing pedagogical support to faculties as well as teaching and learning in general at the University, and in developing a better teaching and learning community. The support and assessment of pedagogical development processes at different levels and by different parties at the University draw on research-based evidence. The Centre is engaged in the research-based and systemic development of teaching and learning in collaboration with the University’s faculties. The Centre’s staff continuously enhance their expertise in teaching and development.

Models of generic academic skills to support degree programmes

The researchers and experts of the university pedagogy have developed the models of generic academic skills in cooperation with study psychologists and career services. The objective of models is to visualise the different generic academic skills the degrees should produce at different stages of studies both at the bachelor's and master's degree levels.

The generic academic skills are described in models as follows:

  • Study environment skills
  • Self-regulation and management skills
  • Communication, interaction and collaboration skills
  • Research skills and scientific thinking
  • Identifying own expertise

The aim of models is to describe skills which are common to all the disciplines and give tools and practices to support learning of generic academic skills.  Model gives also examples of learning outcomes of the generic academic skills integrated to domain-specific studies.

Pedagogical education in university teaching and learning

The Centre for University Teaching and Learning offers staff training in university teaching and learning to the University’s teachers and to researchers who also provide teaching. The scope of the pedagogical education providing formal teacher qualification is 60 cr, comprising basic studies (25 cr) and intermediate studies (35 cr).

Research-based teaching and learning innovations
HowULearn – A research-based tool for supporting degree programmes

HowULearn surveys are carried out collaboratively by the Centre for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE) and Strategic Services for Teaching.

Campus teams and senior lecturers in university pedagogy assist faculties and degree programmes in formulating their own additional survey questions, assessing the survey results and drawing conclusions.

WELLS – Pro­mot­ing university stu­dents’ well-be­ing
TeamFluent – Team up with Science

TeamFluent is a research-based, practical solution for improving teamwork in real-life situations at workplaces.