The preview version of the Sustainability course is now open - welcome to get acquainted with the learning material

The preview version of the Sustainability course, created collectively at the University of Helsinki, is now open. Learning materials were produced by over a 160 members of the University of Helsinki, including students, researchers, teachers and other staff.

The Sustainability course preview version has been opened. It is also possible to log in the course area as a guest and no registration is needed (click “Log in as a guest”/ “Kirjaudu vierailijana”).

The Sustainability course includes two compulsory modules, which introduce the sustainability as a concept, the complex nature of sustainability problems and possible solutions for sustainability challenges. After these students can choose which of the six thematic modules they want to study more in depth. The options are: A: Global environmental commons, B: Human well-being and capabilities, C: Sustainable and just economies, D: Sustainable food systems and healthy nutrition, E: Climate change and just energy transitions, and F: Urban and peri-urban development. Course also includes a sustainability themed project assignment, which will be completed in multidisciplinary student groups. 

The course administration can not register credits for the course preview version and some of the assignments are not available. However, it is possible to read the course materials, watch the videos and try quizzes and optional assignments. Next time, the Sustainability Course will be organized for students at the University of Helsinki in the autumn of 2021 in period 2.

The first pilot of the course was organized in the spring of 2021 and was well received. About 80 percent of participants were satisfied with the first version of the course and would recommend it to others. Student feedback is currently being analyzed and will be used to further develop the course. The course material will also be translated into Finnish, Swedish and English.

You can read more about the Sustainability course in the course blog