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For the sake of Finland’s welfare, it is crucial to safeguard our high level of expertise from early childhood education to the highest level of education and research.

Mis­sion for the gov­ern­ment 2019-2023: Trans­form higher education and science into a win­ning as­set for Fin­land

If Finland wishes to continue to generate wellbeing and rank among the leading countries in the world in terms of skills, our country must invest even more in education and state-of-the-art research. We at the University of Helsinki wish to play a prominent role in building Finland’s future wellbeing on a foundation of high-quality education and research.

Science Advocates

In the series Science Advocates, people describe the significance of research and research-based teaching for themselves.

Why do we need science?

Through research, we are coming closer to defeating cancer, while constantly gaining new tools for mitigating climate change. With the help of research, we are training the best teachers in the world. Research helps us understand the potential and problems of artificial intelligence.

Teemu Roos: Without research we will trans­fer our bad habits to artificial intelligence

In order to take full advantage of artificial intelligence while minimising the damage, long-term research and public education are needed.

Fu­ture education

In the future, education will be open to all, communal and centred on students. At the University of Helsinki, the future of education is already becoming a reality.

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