Benefits and services for students

It's easy to enjoy the lively and event-packed student life in Helsinki. However, just like in any other capital city in the Nordics it's not on the cheapest side. Luckily as a student and member of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY), you get discounts and services that make your life easier and more fun. This list includes some of the interesting benefits and services that can be enjoyed by students at the University of Helsinki.

Student life is about meeting new people and learning and experiencing new things within the student community. This is made easier by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY), the largest and oldest student union in Finland. All degree students are members of the Student Union.

The main purpose of the Student Union is to promote the interests of its 26 000 members both at the university and in society. As a member, you are entitled to various services and benefits offered directly or indirectly by the Student Union. In addition, you have access to the more than 250 student organisations operating within the Student Union.

You can choose between faculty and subject organisations, political and societal organisations, choirs, orchestras, theatres and other cultural organisations, international organisations, sports and game clubs. Joining one or more of these organisations give you an opportunity to learn many things which are not included in the actual university curriculum, but are an integral part of university studies and growth into an educated individual. And you will make friends and have fun along the way.

Whatever your interests are, you are likely to find like-minded people and the right activities for you. And if not, you can always found a new student organisation.

Read more about the Student Union and the student organisations on the HYY website. You can also follow them (@hyy_hus) on Facebook or Instagram.

As in many capital cities, there is a great demand for housing in Helsinki and it might be hard to find something affordable. But as a student, you have the right to apply for reasonable-priced high-quality student housing. HOAS is the main non-profit organisation providing student housing in the Helsinki Region.

Student apartments in Helsinki are of high quality, well maintained, usually furnished and with central heating to keep you warm in the cold winter months. The shared option is usually a private bedroom for a single person sharing the kitchen and bathroom with 2-3 other students. There are separate shared apartments for male and female students. The apartments have a kitchen with a stove/oven and refrigerator, usually one bathroom and a toilet. Some apartments may have a balcony and/or a common living area.

Read more about the housing options for international Master's students and exchange students.

Doctoral students get support from the University of Helsinki International Staff Services with finding housing.

As a student at the University of Helsinki, you get affordable, student-priced meals at the UniCafes on our campuses and other student restaurants. At UniCafe, the basic lunch costs 2.60 EUR (spring 2018) and includes beverages (milk, sour milk, juice or water), bread and spreads, salad and potatoes, rice or pasta as a side dish. A vegetarian and vegan option is always available. Some UniCafes also offer low-cost breakfast and the meals in the evening for the same price as lunch. The food at UniCafes is made from high-quality, safe and responsibly produced ingredients.

UniCafes are unique in the sense that the students genuinely are the owners of the restaurants as they are owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. Students can influence the operations by giving feedback or attending the restaurant committees at the campuses.

Read more and check out the weekly menus at the UniCafe website.

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is an expert in student healthcare and provides basic healthcare services for all degree students based on their student union membership. 

Most of the basic healthcare services offered by FSHS are free of charge, for example, appointments with general practitioners, public health nurses, physiotherapists and oral hygienists, laboratory or X-ray examinations with a referral from an FSHS doctor/dentist, the first dental examination visit and dentist appointments of max. 10 min, basic vaccinations and speech therapy.

Appointments with FSHS specialists, more extensive dental care including technical laboratory costs are subject to charge. In addition, patients referred by FSHS for specialist care will be required to pay the resulting outpatient clinic fees.

Read more about the extensive healthcare services on the FSHS website. The FSHS does not include emergency medical care or any kind of hospital care, so international students need to ensure that they have a valid health insurance.

Make sure that life isn’t all about studies but remember to exercise as well. UniSport is an exercise centre for students with several locations where experiences are more important than performance. They offer a wide variety of sports from body combat to pilates and floorball to hot yoga. With the affordable membership card (12/4/1 months) you can attend the group exercise classes and use their gyms and open ball game shifts on all campuses. UniSport also offers diverse training courses in various sports, as well as personal training, massage and testing services. If you put together your own team, you can participate in the ball games series organised by UniSport.

Read more on the UniSport website.

In addition to the basic healthcare and sports services, the students at the University of Helsinki have access to the following services:

The study psychologists offer guidance and counselling to bachelor’s and master’s degree students regarding issues such as academic skills, motivation, time management, well-being and thesis writing.

If you need a friendly ear, someone to chat with or peer support, Nyyti is an organisation supporting students’ mental health and life management skills. Also the chaplains of the University of Helsinki are there for you, regardless of your religious background and convictions.

For students who are parents as well, Little HYY provides a cheap childcare service where you can bring your child to a max. 3 hours per day, for example during a lecture or an examination.

To take care of your mental or spiritual wellbeing, you are welcome to use the multi-faith prayer room in the main building of the university.

Read more about the services for students related to healthcare and wellbeing.

As an attending degree student, you are entitled to significantly discounted fares in public transport both in the Helsinki metropolitan area as well as in long-distance transport with trains and buses across Finland. A valid student card is required.

Read more and check your eligibility for student fares on public transport.

The Helsinki metropolitan area has a highly effective public transport system of metro, tram, bus and train lines overseen by HSL. It has been named as the second best public transport system among European cities.

The train services in Finland are operated by VR, a government-owned railway company, and Matkahuolto operates and maintains bus ticket services and stations throughout the country.

The most convenient way to prove your student status and get your student benefits is to present a Frank student ID. It provides your student identification and student benefits under one roof, either digitally as the Frank App or as a plastic card.

Frank unlocks more than 400 student discounts either online or directly in the store from insurances, electronics, mobile subscriptions and electricity plans to cruises, restaurants, magazine subscriptions and cultural or sporting events.

Read more about how Frank studentifies your life and check out the discounts on the Frank website.

In addition to studies, student life and the academic year are peppered with a variety of academic traditions and events. Throughout the year, the University of Helsinki and the Student Union (HYY) organise a wide variety of events and parties open to all students. For example, an opening carnival to celebrate the start of the academic year, a traditional procession on the independence day and festivities on Shrove Tuesday including an academic sledging race. The activities of the different student organisations also range from anniversary celebrations and academic dinner parties to cultural events, get-togethers, and excursions. 

Read more on about student events at the University of Helsinki. You can also follow culture, events & parties by the Student Union @hyyevents on Facebook or Instagram.

Besides student events, you can immerse yourself in the world of science and the latest research by joining the best talks and other events at the Think Corner. The city of Helsinki is also packed with activities, happenings and events that you can enjoy both in the cold of winter and under the midnight sun.


As a student at the University of Helsinki, you don't need to acquire all your study materials and equipment yourself. Instead, you get access to inspirational learning spaces, technology and state-of-art laboratories that are ranked by our international students to top positions globally. 

All four campuses have modern libraries with about 73.5 shelf-kilometres of printed books and journals, plus e-resources that can be accessed remotely. So instead of having to buy your study materials, you can use the library resources for free. In the award-winning Main Library Kaisa House, a magnificently designed building full of light, you find 1000 workplaces and stunning spaces for relaxation.

Also the learning centres offer workspaces 24/7 both for individual studying as well as group work. The comprehensive ICT services include facilities with computers, scanners and special software as well as electronic learning platforms and study materials distributed through e-channels. At the Language Centre, you have the possibility to learn languages and complete courses fully or partly independently.

You can easily get by in Helsinki with only English, but learning the local language will make your stay more rewarding and give you more career options after graduation.

For enrolled exchange, visiting and international degree students, the University of Helsinki offers free Finnish language courses. They are a fun way to learn the language and network with international students from different fields, and you to get to know the culture as well.

Check out the Finnish courses for international students on the Instructions for Students website.