Profile & activities
DPBM is a broad, international doctoral program organizing training in the fields of biomedicine and translational and molecular medicine. DPBM operates in the highly international research environments of the Meilahti and Viikki campuses of the University of Helsinki, offering excellent research and training facilities, high quality infrastructure, and extensive networks and collaborations.
Studies in DPBM

The aim of DPBM is to train internationally competent experts with excellent skills to continue research or work in other demanding expert positions of the public or private sectors.

Doctoral candidates have the opportunity to participate in an excellent research-training program including basic and advanced courses in biomedical research offered locally, nationally and internationally. The course offerings include an extensive variety of practical training courses, seminar series and scientific symposia. Doctoral candidates also participate in courses in areas including transferable skills.

PhD can­did­ate or­gan­isa­tion activ­it­ies

PhD candidates have many opportunities to participate in planning activities and influence on decision-making in doctoral education.

Further information on student council activities is available in the Instructions for students on the article Doctoral students and student organisation activities, and on other organization activities in the Instructions for students on the article Doctoral students as student representatives