Doctoral Programme in Theology and Religious Studies

The Doctoral Programme in Theology and Religious Studies offers a high-quality training programme and an outstanding environment for research in all theological and religious studies research fields and areas. The programme is multilingual: you can complete a degree in either Finnish, Swedish or English.

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The Doctoral Program in Theology and Religious Studies offers a rich coverage of traditional areas of research explored at the Faculty of Theology, which has a highly international and dynamically developing academic profile. Our doctoral candidates may specialize in, for example, Biblical studies, which encompasses both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament and early Christianity.

They may choose to study church history, internationally or in the North-European and Finnish contexts, or focus on the study of religions and religiosity also outside the Christian traditions.They can, within systematic theology, examine historical or contemporary issues in social ethics, ecumenical theology, dogmatics, and the philosophy of religion, or within practical theology investigate socially highly relevant themes in church sociology, religious education, and pastoral theology.

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Our programme engages in international collaboration with the other programmes in Theology and Religious Studies hosted by other member universities of the LERU group!
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