Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences

The Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences is a collaborative effort between a number of the social sciences disciplines at the University of Helsinki that aims to create the best research environment for doctoral training. It covers the widest areas of social science research in Finland.

The programme collaborates with the Centre for Social Data Science, the Centre for Consumer Society Research, the Helsinki Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences and the Helsinki Institute for Demography and Population Health.
Did you know?

The doctoral programme offers high-quality doctoral training in the areas of media and communication studies, social and cultural anthropology, social psychology, social and public policy, social work, sociology, social data science and criminology.

50 new doctoral students are admitted each year. We're an international community, and the programme is multilingual: you can complete a degree in either Finnish, Swedish or English.

Want to know more? Visit our profile & activities page to learn more about the key research areas and activities in the programme.

The programme has a strong commitment to providing the best conditions for doctoral students to carry out their research in the pursuit of this aim, whether their work is entirely conceptual, academic or scientific, or has more of an applied, professional or even commercial, purpose.
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