Profile & activities

Want to know what we're all about? On this page, we've gathered information on our research profile and the disciplines involved in the programme. Here, you will also find information on the studies and the type of activities and networks that await if you join the doctoral programme.
Key research areas

The DPE is organized according to best international practices. Following the tradition of the national doctoral programme in economics launched in 1990, DPE promotes doctoral education by providing a deepening structure of courses in core areas of economics. 

Key fields of economic research at the University of Helsinki include time series econometrics, game theory and applied microeconomic theory as well as macroeconomics. In addition, individual economics researchers investigate topics ranging from index theory and ethics to the theory of entrepreneurship and negotiations. 

The discipline of economics is based at the Faculty of Social Sciences - you can find more information about the discipline and research in economics on the Faculty's website.

Courses and studying

A doctoral degree in the programme comprises of a doctoral thesis and 40 credits of additional studies. The studies are divided into discipline-specific studies, aimed to support your research project, and transferable skills training. 

Teaching within DPE is organized in collaboration with the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics, a joint initiative of the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and Hanken School of Economics. The subsequent thesis work is supported by regular workshops in different subfields of economics. Thesis is an independent piece of work containing research contributions at the international level. 

In the first year, students take mandatory core courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. In the second year, they choose between a large number of field-specific courses. The subsequent thesis work is supported by regular workshops in different subfields of economics. All teaching in the DPE takes place in English.

Courses in research ethics and transferable skills are offered throughout the academic year by the University of Helsinki Doctoral School.