Employment as a doctoral researcher

The next application period for salaried positions is 27.8.-9.9.2024. Application instructions will be published in June.

Other ways of funding a PhD project is a salary paid by the supervisor or a personal grant from a private foundation applied by the doctoral candidate him/herself. Doctoral candidates may also fund their studies themselves or pursue their degree in tandem with work.
De­cision on salary po­s­i­tions start­ing in 2024

DPDR received altogether 48 applications. All eligible applications were distributed to three evaluation panels (drug discovery, drug development, drug action & therapy). Based on the external evaluations, board decided to invite 12 top candidates (4 top candidates from each panel) to a critical thinking assignment (CTA), which was held on October 24. The board made the final decisions based on the combined external evaluation scores and CTA scores. The applicants were anonymized to ensure unbiased selection.


The funding was awarded to (in alphabetical order):

Sini Huuskonen, 2 years (supervisor Markku Varjosalo)

Simas Janutenas, 4 years (supervisor Mikko Airavaara)

Jette-Britt Naams, 2 years (supervisor Sanna Lehtonen)

Martta Peltoniemi, 4 years, One Health position (supervisor Tuomas Lilius)

Sergei Raik, 2 years (supervisor Arto Urtti)

Carolina Reyes Leal, 2 years (supervisor Francisco Rivera Gómez-Barris)

Olesya Shpironok, 2 years (supervisor Mart Saarma)

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