Employment as a doctoral researcher

Once a year, the doctoral programme opens a call for applications for university-funded doctoral researcher positions. The doctoral researchers selected for these positions complete their doctoral research employed by the university. Both current University of Helsinki doctoral researchers and new applicants planning on doctoral studies are eligible to apply for these positions.
Call for positions starting in 2025

The next application period for university funded doctoral researcher positions is 27.8.-9.9.2024.

Application instructions can be found from the University's Instructions for Students pages

Decisions for positions starting in 2024

Eval­u­ation pro­cess

DENVI received 37 complete and eligible applications, which were evaluated by a nine member evaluation panel. Nine applicants were invited for interview.

Funding was awarded to:

Federico Grossi, 4 years, Faculty of Science, supervisor Enrico di Minin

Johanness Jamaludin, 4 years OneHealth position, supervisor Edward Webb

Milena Nevanto, 4 years, Faculty of Science, supervisor Timo Kauppinen

Sakari Säynäjoki, 4 years, Faculty of Social Sciences, supervisor Michiru Nagatsu

Milla Suomalainen, 3 years, Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry, supervisor Jarkko Pyysiäinen

Siqi Zhao, 1 year, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, supervisor Tom Jilbert


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