About the Website

The University of Helsinki’s helsinki.fi website provides information on nearly one hundred degree programmes as well as doctoral education and continuous learning opportunities.

The site offers research information, latest news and cooperation opportunities for all friends of research and science. The website also features the University’s strategy, open positions and the webpages of the faculties, research groups and other units.

The helsinki.fi site covers a total of more than 30,000 pages. The monthly number of page loads is more than 3 million.

The University’s employees and students can access the Flamma intranet, while students have their dedicated Studies service at studies.helsinki.fi.

We welcome user feedback to help us further develop our services. We answer user questions and inquiries through our feedback channel. The website is being gradually redesigned and developed based on user feedback and experiences. Feedback form

The content on the University of Helsinki’s website is protected by copyright. The University of Helsinki, its names and other identifying features have been trademarked. All rights are reserved unless otherwise specified.

The main contents of the website:

  • degree programmes
  • continuing education
  • research
  • open positions 
  • news service
  • services for stakeholders and cooperation opportunities
  • information about the University 
  • library services
  • websites of the faculties and other units 

Site administration and feedback

Head of Digital Communications Oona Pirnes-Soininen is the editor-in-chief for the University’s web presence. The Digital Communications team is in charge of the development and editing of the website.

Student Services is in charge of the Studies service.

The University of Helsinki’s faculties, departments as well as research and education units are independently responsible for the content of their webpages and online publications. Unless otherwise specified on the website, the head of the unit is responsible for the content on the website.

Some University of Helsinki websites or online services may have specific terms of use, which are described on the website or service in question.

The University of Helsinki’s helsinki.fi domain also hosts pages for the University's students, staff or communities. The assigned administrator, who must hold a University network username, is responsible for the content of such pages.

Users of the University’s online services who find that something in the University of Helsinki’s online services is in breach of Finnish law or good conduct should notify the University’s head of digital communications immediately.

The University is not liable for any inconvenience caused by technical failures or external material linked to the University website.

Please send any feedback to the address digiviestinta@helsinki.fi

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