HELSEED is a startup entrepreneurship programme for students, which aims to encourage them to develop their ideas towards startup companies.

The competition entails a pitching competition, in which the creators of the best business plans present their ideas to a jury and an audience. Early stage funding is offered for the most promising ideas. Behind the programme are the University of Helsinki and Helsinki Think Company.

The HELSEED programme will continue in 2021.

The University of Helsinki es­tab­lished HEL­SEED, an en­dow­ment fund that in­vests in star­tups

The University of Helsinki has created a new endowment fund aimed at making early investments in startups established by students. The first donor of the HELSEED endowment fund is the Tradeka Foundation, which made a donation of €50,000 to the fund. The goal is to increase the endowment capital through donations and return on investment also in the future.

Fur­ther Infor­mation

Marko Berg, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 41 534 9893

Rosa Salmivuori, CEO, Helsinki Think Company
Tel. +358 41 527 1508