University registers

Historical documents related to the University since the time of its establishment are stored in the University of Helsinki Central Archives. Student registers are one important series of documents, which is used extensively in research. These registers contain basic information on all those who have studied and been enrolled at the University of Helsinki.
Faculty registers

The oldest of the various faculty registers of the University of Helsinki have been digitised, as have the degree catalogues of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science. More recent registers are available as originals and microfiches. They can be viewed at our information services.

Digitised registers are available in the Arkki1640 system under the faculty in question.

Professor register 1640–1917

The University of Helsinki register of teachers and civil servants 1640–1917 contains information on approximately 1,000 individuals. Personal information related to individuals in the register has mostly been compiled from published registers (J. J. Tengström, Robert A. Renvall, Tor Carpelan and L. O. Th. Tudeer as well as Solmu Sola and L. O. Th. Tudeer).

University of Helsinki register of teachers and civil servants 1918–2000

The University of Helsinki register of teachers and civil servants 1918–2000 presents the development of the University of Helsinki’s department structure from the beginning of independence to the turn of the century and contains information about instructors and officials in the employment of the University during that period. The register was drawn up by Veli-Matti Autio, DPhil, archivist of the University of Helsinki between 1963 and 1986.

University of Helsinki register of war heroes

The University of Helsinki register of war heroes, originally published as a book in 1993, was compiled by Ilmi Havu, MA. In 2004, the material was adapted into an online publication by Veli-Matti Autio, DPhil.

The register contains personal information on 1,435 individuals who lost their lives in the wars between 1939 and 1945, who at some point in their lives had been registered as students or teachers at the University of Helsinki (the main register), as well as students of the institute of pharmacy at the University. The register contains information on approximately 520 individuals fallen during the Winter War and more than 900 individuals fallen during the Continuation War.

A little over 5,000 officers fell during these two wars, of whom almost one in four were students of the University of Helsinki.