Teachers Climate Change Forum 2020

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How to make better world together through education? How to teach climate change? We welcome you to participate in our international Teachers' Climate Change Forum!

The Science Education Centre (a part of national LUMA Centre Finland) and Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) from University of Helsinki are organizing the international and participative Teachers' Climate Change Forum 2020 - a continuous professional development program for teachers on all levels of education from around the world.

Climate change is one of the biggest global challenges of our time. Teachers have a key role in educating children and youth – future makers – in their knowledge, skills and attitude. Every teacher has influence for over a hundred years; first during their career and then through their students.

Diverse teaching of climate issues is essential. Solving climate change requires both the courage to face problems and the knowledge and know-how involved in solving the problem. Climate change should be seen as a complex phenomenon in teaching, which requires a deep understanding with diverse perspectives.

Teachers from all levels of education and of different subjects are welcomed to apply for the TCCF. Also teacher students (i.e. students studying to become teachers) may apply.

Click here to read about last year's Summer Camp experiences and atmosphere.


Update regarding coronavirus pandemic (2020/3/24)

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to postpone registration to the Summer Camp. In short, we will decide whether to organise the Summer Camp by April 30th. You can already apply, but we have extended the application time to end on May 17th. The selections will be announced the next day. For detailed information, please click here.

The MOOC course is organised normally.

The first part of the continuous professional development program is the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The course adds to the knowledge of teachers at different levels of education about the latest research related to climate change, and supports teachers in building their own expertise and self-efficacy to teach climate change.

The main goal is for the teachers who have attended the course to have an advanced ability to handle climate change in a pedagogically meaningful and versatile way from the perspective of different disciplines, but also to consider different beliefs or attitudes.

Another key objective is to build a multidisciplinary network of teachers at different levels of education, where teachers can share their ideas, experiences and skills after the course. The network can then act as an active forum for teachers, climate educators and climate scientists.

The course is now open - click here and register for free!

The Teachers' Climate Change Forum (TCCF) 2020 Summer Camp for Teachers will be organized in Hyytiälä, Finland, on August 3rd – 6th, 2020.

At the TCCF2020 Summer Camp, participants will get acquainted with internationally renowned and appreciated, top-level climate research and researchers in unique Finnish lakeside environment.

After the Summer Camp all participants will get a diploma/certificate.

TCCF2020 MOOC is open for all and everyone has an opportunity to complete the course.

A maximum of 30 teachers will be selected to participate the Summer Camp. They will also have an extra section available on the MOOC.

The application period for the Summer Camp is from March 1st until May 17th.

The applicants will be notified whether they have been selected on May 18th, 2020.

The Course will open on the 1st of April and the section for Summer Camp participants will open at May 25th.

Apply here >> Link to the application form <<


Privacy Policy for TCCF

The TCCF 2020 course is free of charge. However, there will be a 150 EUR participation fee for the Summer Camp.

The fee includes transfer from/to Helsinki as well as the programme, accommodation and meals in Hyytiälä.

Payment instructions will be sent to all persons who have been selected to participate the Summer Camp.

Prof. Maija Aksela, University of Helsinki, LUMA Centre Finland (Director)
PhD. Jaana Herranen, University of Helsinki, LUMA Centre Finland
PhD. Maaria Linko, University of Helsinki, Science Education Centre (Vice Director)
PhD. Mikko Äijälä, University of Helsinki, INAR (Vice Director)
PhD. Laura Riuttanen, University of Helsinki, INAR
MSc. Tapio Rasa, University of Helsinki, Science Education Centre (Coordinator)
BSc. Elisa Hanhirova, University of Helsinki, Science Education Centre

Gen­eral En­quir­ies
Please send all general enquiries about the program to our service address tiedekasvatus@helsinki.fi.

The programme of the Summer camp will be announced later.

On Monday 3rd of August approx. at noon there will be joint transfer from Helsinki City Centre to Hyytiälä Forestry field station.

On Thursday 6th of August there will be transfer from Hyytiälä to Helsinki, arriving in Helsinki in the afternoon/evening, approx. 17.00.

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