Survey results are out for Viikki Food Design Factory!

The members of the innovation ecosystem led by the Viikki Food Design Factory find its activities and catered opportunities very valuable

In a recent survey conducted in March, the Viikki Food Design Factory (VFDF) innovation ecosystem has garnered praise from its stakeholders. The survey included 40 respondents representing various actors within the ecosystem: startups, researchers, company/corporate representatives, representatives of the state, business developers, NGOs, and students. The results showed a resounding endorsement of VFDF's role in fostering collaboration and innovation in the path towards sustainable food systems. 

A clear majority of over 70% of the respondents expressed the utmost importance of having an ecosystem orchestrator like VFDF to facilitate collaboration among different stakeholders. This facilitation is seen as vital in accelerating innovation creation within the food systems sector, particularly focusing on sustainability. 

The survey also highlighted key opportunities provided by VFDF to its ecosystem members, as reported by respondents: 

  • Insights and Knowledge: 66% of respondents acknowledged gaining valuable insights and knowledge on food system innovation through VFDF. 
  • Awareness and Visibility: 65% noted increased awareness and visibility for themselves or their organizations through participation in VFDF events. 
  • Collaboration Partners: 55% appreciated the opportunity to connect with potential collaboration partners within the ecosystem. 
  • Business Development: 38% benefited from VFDF's support in business development initiatives. 
  • Prototyping and Development: 38% engaged in piloting, prototyping, and product/process/technology development activities facilitated by VFDF. 
  • Research and Funding: 25% reported access to new research opportunities and research funding. 

These findings underscore VFDF's impact in creating a dynamic and supportive environment for science-based innovation and collaboration. By offering a range of desired opportunities and services, VFDF continues to play a pivotal role in driving systemic sustainability innovation for the food systems related industries, both current and new.  

With this strong mandate, VFDF remains committed to further strengthening its ecosystem, growing its network internationally, and driving even greater advancements in sustainable food systems innovation. 

With that said, Viikki Food Design Factory is very happy to host the international Food Systems Solutions Summit as its next event on the 12th of June, integrated in SSD/SRI204, the top global sustainability science and innovation event of 2024.  

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