Christmas play by Viikki Teacher Training School

The traditional Christmas play by Viikki Normal School this year is Hyrrä, based on Z. Topelius' fairy tale. The performance of the play will be held in the auditorium of our school on Thursday, December 19, 2018 at 6 pm. Tickets are available at the door.

In Viikki Teacher Traning school we respect traditions, and this Christmas our 150-year-old school is presenting a Christmas play based on the Z. Topelius fairy tale. This time it's Hyrrä. The play is in finnish.

Here are some stats about the most popular Christmas plays in Viikki Teacher Training School:

Adalmiinan helmi: shown 7 times (though not shown due to war-39), years -39, -71, -81, -86, -96, -03, -10

Tuhkimo: shown 9 times, years -43, -51, -58, -64, -74, -79, -87, -00, -11 Bird Blue: shown 9 times, years -46, -61, -68, -76, -85, -91, -98, -02, 12

Prinsessa Ruusunen: presented 11 times, years -44. -52, -59, -65, -73, -80, -84, -90, -01, -08, -16

The list of plays presented and prepared is from 1935 except for a few years (no information found). The list has been compiled by Ritva Raesmaa, former library secretary of Viikki Teacher Training School, and after the retirement of Ritva, the list has been maintained by Milla Söder-Bhandari, secretary of Viikki Teacher Training School.