Vanhat Norssit alumni association

Vanhat Norssit ry is Norssi’s alumni association.

Vanhat Norssit ry is the alumni association of the Helsinki Normal Lyceum, colloquially known as Norssi.

The association carries out its mission by organising an annual Norssi Day in close collaboration with the school, hosting other events and granting scholarships. The association also supports the school and its pupils and students in various projects. Each year, the association elects  the Norssi of the year, a title awarded on Norssi Day.

All Norssi alumni can join the association by paying the membership fee or the higher sponsorship fee, both determined in the association’s annual meeting. At the moment, regular membership costs 30 euros and student membership costs 15 euros. All members gain access to the digital edition of the school newspaper Veikko.

For more information, visit the association’s website Vanhat Norssit ry (only available in Finnish).