Study at the Helsinki Normal Lyceum
Our general upper secondary school boasts a wide selection of subjects. We encourage our students to work independently, acquire a broad knowledge base, learn through progressive inquiry and adopt a scientific mindset. We also place great value on creativity and handicraft and our students can take individual university courses at the University of Helsinki.

Norssi offers general upper secondary education diplomas in home economics, visual arts, crafts and physical education. We regularly organise various theme days and visits to museums, exhibitions, theatres and the opera. Every year in early May, we celebrate the traditional Norssi Day, and in late May, we go head to head against the Ressu upper secondary school in the sports field.

Open house

An introductory session was held for students interested in studying at the Helsinki Normal Lyceum Upper secondary school on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 6 pm online.

Semester 2021-2022 information

Information for First-Year upper secondary school students for fall 2021: Ohjeita aloittaville lukiolaisille (in Finnish).

Relevant figures

There are about 245 students and 80 starting places. Our school also has comprehensive school grades 1–3 and 7–9 studying in the same building. The group sizes are at least 10 students, with a regular group size of about 20–30.

The lowest averages of those selected for upper secondary school in previous school years:

2019–2020: 9.33

2020–2021: 9.50

2020–2021: 9.5

2021–2022: 9.46