Pupil admissions for primary school
Helsinki Normal Lyceum provides basic education for grades 1–3 and 7–9 as well as general upper secondary education. Studying in basic education takes place according to the national core curriculum drawn up in 2014.
Admissions for grade 1 for academic year 2022–2023

Basic education pupils are admitted based on their school admission area from southern Helsinki, except for the Latin class for which pupils are admitted based on a separate aptitude test. School admission areas are displayed in Helsinki's map services: Palvelukartta (in Finnish).

Admission for grade 1

Compulsory education starts in autumn term 2022 for children born in 2015.

Helsinki Normal Lyceum admits approximately 20 pupils for the 1st grade primarily from the school’s school admission area.

Wel­come to school guide for homes

City of Helsinki sent a welcome to school guide for next autumn's 1st graders on September or November 2021.

Compulsory education letters were sent via Suomi.fi service starting on January 5th 2022. 

Re­gis­ter­ing for school

Parents or guardians could register their children for the school electronically via Asti January 5th to January 30th 2022.

In certain cases registration could only be done on site at the Helsinki Normal Lyceum. These include extended compulsory education or starting a school one year before or after the start of compulsory education, special support and changing a nearby school from Swedish to Finnish or vice versa.

On site registration was open at the Helsinki Normal Lyceum (Ratakatu 6B, entrance through the courtyard, ground floor) on January 26th 2022 from 8.00 to 10.00.

Additional information about the registration: Admission (in Finnish)

Language programme/grades 1–6

 A1 language The A1 languages offered by the Helsinki Normal Lyceum are English and French for all pupils starting from 1st grade.

Optional A2 language At the Helsinki Normal Lyceum French or English can also be studied as an A2 language starting in 3rd grade.

For more information, please contact Olli Hyvönen.

Admission for other basic education grades

We will accept pupils only from our school admission area for grades 2–3. School admission areas are displayed in Helsinki's map services: Palvelukartta (in Finnish).

For more information, please contact Juha-Pekka Husso, principal of basic education.